Senior Front End Engineer (Remote)

Work Type: Full Time

San Digital is a rapidly growing consultancy. We put people and our reputation first 

We focus on, high-impact projects, typically one week to two months in length and delivering significant value to the clientShort engagements ensure variety for our teams and prevent fatigue. The client value combined with the shorter period ensures that key stakeholders stay engaged, giving projects a much higher success rate.  

We take pride in working with nearly any platform or language that suits our clients. We currently have a pipeline of front-end work and are particularly interested in candidates with a background in this area, React Native being particularly desirable.  

We build teams that work together over multiple projects; it helps with communication and means we have a firm base to build upon in every project. 


About You 

You should be: 

  • Interested in taking on new challenges and learning  

  • Excited to work closely with customers, helping them solve their problems 

  • Interested not just coding but areas such as technology strategy and understanding how businesses operate 

  • A good communicator, both written and verbally 

  • Collaborative  


What we offer you: 

  • The opportunity to with other great engineers 

  • A variety of challenges working with a diverse range of tools 

  • Flexibility to work how you like to work 

  • Training model to help engineers learn new skills in areas related to projects as well as other interests  


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